Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tappin it Back

Guys. We know I love yoga. Obviously, why else would I spend a fortune on yoga teacher trainings. But sometimes I just need a cardio dance party. What a kickass way to start my Sunday than with Emily Turner's Soul Cycle class on the UES. Y'all better get in this chick's class- she is the real deal. I was slightly bummed when my buddy Cooper couldn't make it to class because she already had some plans with the Lord (holla, Jesus is cool), so I signed up for a bike by myself... and about 2/3 through class I hear "BREE?" and my lady love Kelly was literally on the bike next to me. WHAT! I love it. Soul is for lovers y'all!

As the theme of this blog seems to be fitness, I have to give huge blazing recommendations to Soul Cycle. Yes it's extremely expensive, but don't forget there are community classes, and free classes for AEA members on the west side. Find a way to get in there, you won't regret it. And call me so I can come dance on the bike with you! I'm an addict!

Soul Lovers

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