Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tappin it Back

Guys. We know I love yoga. Obviously, why else would I spend a fortune on yoga teacher trainings. But sometimes I just need a cardio dance party. What a kickass way to start my Sunday than with Emily Turner's Soul Cycle class on the UES. Y'all better get in this chick's class- she is the real deal. I was slightly bummed when my buddy Cooper couldn't make it to class because she already had some plans with the Lord (holla, Jesus is cool), so I signed up for a bike by myself... and about 2/3 through class I hear "BREE?" and my lady love Kelly was literally on the bike next to me. WHAT! I love it. Soul is for lovers y'all!

As the theme of this blog seems to be fitness, I have to give huge blazing recommendations to Soul Cycle. Yes it's extremely expensive, but don't forget there are community classes, and free classes for AEA members on the west side. Find a way to get in there, you won't regret it. And call me so I can come dance on the bike with you! I'm an addict!

Soul Lovers

Friday, July 12, 2013

Back in Action, Literally.

I'm so good at starting blogs when I start new adventures, and then deleting the posts a few months later. So here we go, again!

Today I completed my second week of Yoga Teacher Training. I have been a fan of yoga for a long time, a natural progression of a professional dancer looking for some calm in the crazy world of show business. I spent a few years doing yoga incorrectly, because I was not focused on the technique of yoga itself, simply on calming my mind for an hour. Slowly I was exposed to more forms and styles of yoga, and with that came a passion for more knowledge.

Then my mom got certified at age 57. FIFTY-SEVEN! Incredible, right? Amazing, inspiring, etc, etc. My mom has always been a source of inspiration and an example of will power and strength for me. I mean, the woman got her doctorate with 2 kids in elementary school. Who does that? I've never been one for a traditional path, so I needed that strength, determination, and will power to achieve my goals my way. Listening to her journey inspired me to create one of my own. What a cool thing for us to share as mother and daughter. I toyed around with the idea semi-seriously for the better part of a year. And then one day, I just signed up. Put the series in the online shopping cart and I checked out. BOOM.

My mom meditating in Bridgetown, Barbados

So here I am, two weeks in. I am doing an immersion program, meaning I will have my certificate after a total of 3 weeks of 12 hour days. Intense, yes, but immersion is a better way to describe it. Because we are in a classroom setting for 12 hours a day, we break through several layers of discovery at once, until what seems like an overwhelming amount of information becomes more attainable.

Yesterday I taught my first full class to real students, as in, students that are not in the teacher training program with me. It was a surprise, but it was exhilarating and empowering all at once. The surprise factor was good, because I had no time to get nervous or make excuses. Sort of like when I became the female swing at MEMPHIS, and went on for my first split track with 15 minutes notice. That's where I succeed the most, because I'm only relying on my strengths, with no time to focus on my weaknesses. And then today, class number 2! I didn't tell the students until after class, and was relieved to find them pleased and even surprised.

My first day on as Teenage White Girl, in which I also played Racist Mother in alternating scenes

I have to liken the experience to Broadway Theatre Project, or Radio City Rockette rehearsal. Both fulfilling and fascinating, but draining and exhausting as well. I barely see 11pm anymore. I haven't done any alternative forms of cardio since I started, and I only ride my bike on the weekends now. But what's cool is that my brain is also stretched and sore. Just like my IT bands, I have to roll it out, take care of it, and soothe it. Meaning less crap food and booze, definitely light reading and reality tv shows, and long walks with my pup, Ruby. Balancing out the major processing of the day with only feel good things at night.

Ruby, my chiweenie

I have to recommend this to anybody teetering on the idea of teacher training. I did not study at my studio for months, building a rapport with the teachers and familiarizing myself with their style. I took one class before my training began, and that was after I'd already signed up. YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING NO MATTER WHAT. Why not make it as fresh as an experience as possible? Or maybe you're most comfortable with your favorite teacher at your studio. Then by all means, GO for it! You can't lose here guys. You will learn, you will grow, and you will come to a much fuller understanding and appreciation for the practice.

My parents on the beach in Plank Pose

Now, it's puppy party time. Happy weekend!